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How are burial urns for pets designed?

Eco burial urns for pets are our new, patent pending leading environmentally-friendly urn best suited to your needs. Our uniquely sleek and durable design allows for a dignified resting space...

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How to Grieve the Loss of Your Pet

Choosing to adopt a pet is the easy part of bringing an animal into your home. Your heart is open and full of joy, even if deciding to adopt took...

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Why Choose an Urn to Memorialize My Dog?

Dog Urns are a distinguished way to memorialize the life of your beloved pet.

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Pet Funerals and Memorials

Pets are family and when one passes, it can be devastating. The grieving process then starts and can cause many different feelings for different people. Pet Funerals and Memorials A...

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What Pet Casket is Right for Our Family?

Pet caskets come in many different sizes, shapes and are made out of a variety of materials, however wood and plastic are the most common.  Over the past 50 years in...

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