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Pets are family and when one passes, it can be devastating. The grieving process then starts and can cause many different feelings for different people.

Pet Funerals and Memorials

A pet funeral or memorial is an event that is performed by many in many different societies This tradition is rich in history honors a special pet, the memories you shared, and all they meant to us through the years.

Pet funerals and memorials assist you, family and friends with coping of the pet who passed. These gatherings allow people to come together and share common feelings of grief. They give a place and time for everyone to consider life as they know it has changed; and support will most likely be needed in the coming days, months, or years. Whether it’s a gathering of just you and a spouse, you and a friend, an entire family, or one that includes family and many friends, it is an important step for many in the grieving process after losing a beloved pet.

A memorial is a place when you can remember your pet, say your proper goodbyes and prepare yourself for a new life forward. No matter how casual the event, for some it provides closure and for others it simply provides a special place and time to clear the mind and reflect on your beloved pet, the memories you shared together, and what he or she meant to you and your family.

Pets are loved and the loss of one is heartbreaking. A funeral is something that can help you cope. If you have children, a ceremony may also be especially important to them.

Holding a Pet Funeral

There are many ways to host a pet funeral. This can be a simple casual gathering of only yourself, a few people who knew your pet well, or one that involves hundreds of family members and friends. 

Holding a pet funeral can be part of the grieving process and let’s you say your goodbyes, whatever your choice of your pets disposition. When friends or family join with you it adds to your memorable experience, especially if they are able to share a memory of your beloved pet or simply be there to support and comfort you. 

If your decision is to bury your pet, many people will perform the burial during or right after the service. Many people bury their pet on their private property with a special pet casket. Alternatively, if cremation is chosen for your pet, a popular new option is to memorialize your pet with a living tree by using The Living Urn for Pets. Many people who choose cremation for their pet include the tree planting as part of the ceremony.

The cost of a pet funeral varies significantly and can be one that costs no money to an elaborate event at a funeral home that costs thousands. This depends on you, your budget, and what you’re comfortable with. Be sure to get the pet casket or urn you need for your pet beforehand, whether you choose at home burial or cremation. Decide on the time and place for your pet’s memorial service and enlist a close friend or family member to help with the planning and service.

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