Eco Burial Urn for Pets


Eco Burial Urn for Pets

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Pets are much more than animals who live within our homes. Often, they grow to become dearly loved members of our families. They bring us joy. With them, we share countless memories. They bring comfort during challenging moments, hope during dark days, and even greater joy to life’s happiest moments. They’re family.

And as such, we often seek beautiful  memorials and resting places for the ashes of our beloved four-legged friends. At The Living Urn, we’ve taken this desire seriously as we’ve crafted a variety of pet urns to meet each individual’s unique needs–including our burial urn for pets.

The patent pending Eco Burial Urn for Pets is the leading new environmentally-friendly way to bury the ashes of a beloved pet in a dignified way. This special urn can also serve as a beautiful wooden pet cremation urn that can be kept indoors. It is made from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and is easy to use. Many people bury it in a garden, forest, pet cemetery, or anywhere else you see fit! This special memorial urn can also be kept inside on a mantle or at a favorite place!

This patent pending biodegradable pet urn is available in one size, large enough to fit 100% of the ashes of 1 to 2 larger pets and up to 5 smaller pets.

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