Eco Water Urn for Pets


Eco Water Urn for Pets

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**Please note: We are just finishing up our latest production run now – orders placed today for Eco Water Urns will be given priority and will ship out between Thursday, November 11th and Friday, November 12th**Our pets hold special places in our hearts, memories, and lives. We cherish the time spent with them and the joy, comfort, and companionship they bring. Yet, for each, a time comes when they must be laid to rest.

We, as pet owners, seek to find an urn that allows us to disperse and commemorate our beloved four-legged family member in both a dignified and beautiful manner. At The Living Urn, we’ve taken this need very seriously and have striven hard to provide viable options for you to seamlessly honor the memory of your unique and beloved companion.

The Eco Water Urn for Pets is one of our well-loved options. With this unique urn, you can provide your beloved pet with a dignified memorial in the ocean or other body of water! This attractive water burial urn for pets gives you the ability to scatter your pet’s ashes with in a dignified manner.


The Eco Water Urn for pets is all natural and biodegradable. It floats upright like a buoy and disperses your beloved pet’s ashes out of the bottom side of the urn while floating and in a short time. This special biodegradable water urn is designed to be used with up to two sets of pet ashes and can also be used with only one set or a portion.

As part of honoring your beloved pet with a water burial, you have the option to place flower petals, wreaths, or other plants in the water by the urn as it floats. You also have the option to write personal messages on the outside of the Eco Water Urn prior to a water burial.

The Eco Water Urn is packaged in a sturdy, all-natural bamboo case, which is helpful to protect the urn holding a pet’s ashes as you transport it to the water, and for use in a ceremony.

Eco Water Urn for Pets is available in one size (220 cu. in.), large enough to fit up to 2 pets.

Many families choose to use the Eco Water Urn for Pets on their own to memorialize a beloved pet, while others prefer to use a boating or scattering service.  Click here to learn about the various scattering at sea services and packages we offer.

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