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Join our Veterinarians
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If you're ready to offer the entire Paws Rest memorial collection, we have the solution

Eco Scattering Urns

Enjoy dedicated focus and coworking spaces.

Plant Urns

Offering ultra premium finishes natural light.

The Living Urn System

Find a space that suits you and your work.

Custom Pet Urns

5G wireless internet standard at all locations.

Refreshingly unique pet memorial products

Veterinarians play an important and long-term role in our pets lives. When our pets lives come to an end we look to their veterinarians for comfort. Today there are many ways to memorialize the wonderful lives of our pets and Paws Rest wants all veterinarians to know the options they can provide to their clientele.

If you would like to offer Paws Rest directly to your clients, just create an affiliate account and get started. We can show you just how easy it is to add this service to your practice.

Luxury memorial containers for lasting celebration

Pet memorial parks, pet crematoriums and other end of life professionals now have direct access to the entire range of Paws Rest pet memorial products.

Provide grieving pet owners a full range of thoughtful, tasteful and stylish options to forever memorialize their beloved pets.

Tons of memorial products and more on the way

Help bereaved pet parents choose a unique and lasting way to preserve the memories of their pet’s wonderful life.

  • Custom premium, classic and economy pet caskets
  • The Living Urn for dogs
  • The Eco Water Urn for dogs
  • The Eco Scattering Urn for dogs
  • The EcoHome Urn for dogs
  • Breed specific engraving

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“I recently lost my 13 year old Lab, and couldn’t be happier the living urn which now holds her ashes. The house/patio urn is absolutely beautiful, and excellent quality. I ordered the Hawaiian umbrella tree, and was surprised at the large size of it and it’s very healthy. Would highly recommend this for others who are looking for a final resting place for their loved ones.”

Kara LucasVeterinarian Technician

“I have yet to use my urn, but the box arrived promptly and I am happy with the customer service. This is a great idea when you know you will be moving and want to take your pet memorial with you!”

Alex CohenPet Lover

“My brother's dog was ran over by a car. I purchased a Living Urn and a Windswept Juniper Bonsai Tree as something to commemorate and honor her. It is beautiful and graceful. The packaging of both the urn and the tree were well done and after receiving I was confident that it could have held up through the most rough shipping situations. Very grateful for this wonderful service and product.”

Jake SmithDog Parent

Our four legged family members deserve a dignified memorial. Join us to provide beautiful custom memorial options for our beloved pets.

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