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Pet caskets come in many different sizes, shapes and are made out of a variety of materials, however wood and plastic are the most common. 

Over the past 50 years in the U.S., for people who chose to bury their pet, plastic pet caskets were the norm. They were made in a single beige color and served as a simple burial shell. While not the most attractive looking casket with many referring to these as looking like a “cooler”, they did serve their purpose and thousands of people buried their pets in these. 

As the market evolved and people demanded different options, new caskets were developed for pets. This includes plastic caskets with new designs, colors and interiors to get away from the “cooler” look and give families a more dignified option for burying their pet. Many of these come with a satin interior and a pillow.

There’s also a new line of human quality wood caskets designed for pets called Paws Rest Premium Pet Caskets. These pet caskets are handmade from either oak or poplar wood, and come lined with a velvet interior and a sun design on the inside of the lid. They also come with a soft, velvet pillow. The attention to detail of these caskets is outstanding and they come standard with a latch to secure the lid to the base and handles for ease of carrying.

There are also new high impact styrene sealed pet caskets.These come with a sealant that fixes the lid to the base making the casket air and water tight. These are more affordable options than the wooden pet caskets and can be moved with you, if desired.

With the various options, what casket is right for your pet? This depends on many factors, including your budget and where you will be burying your pet. Plastic caskets run anywhere from $100 to $300 and can be purchased online or at your local pet cemetery. Depending on size and wood type, Paws Rest wood pet caskets range anywhere from $295 to $595. Where you’re burying is important because if it’s at a pet cemetery, some will not allow you to bring in your own casket, but instead, require that you purchase a casket from them for your pet. Plastic caskets are available at almost every pet cemetery nationwide and most of the larger cemeteries carry Paws Rest wood caskets. If you prefer to purchase your pet casket online or elsewhere and bury at a pet cemetery, it’s always advisable to call your local pet cemetery ahead of time to find out if you can bring in your own casket.

Whatever casket you choose, don’t second guess your choice. By spending the time and effort to give your beloved pet a proper burial in a casket shows that he or she was loved and surely had a great life with you.

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