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Why should I use a dog urn?

Dogs give us unprecedented joy. As members of our family, they bring comfort during difficult moments, companionship in our daily activities, and happiness as we share countless moments and memories.

When their time has come, we think how we can beautifully and lovingly commemorate their memory. We seek the perfect manner to remember the role they played in our lives and to honor their legacy. Our wide variety of quality dog urns meet this need for many

What types of dog urns can I use?

Your love for your pet isn’t limited. Neither are you options for beautiful and sleek dog urns. We offer four best-selling, quality options so that you can uniquely select the option best suited to your dog’s memory.

The Living Urn for Dogs

This urn type allows you to grow a tree or plant through your beloved pet’s urn. We offer two choices. This includes: 1) The Living Urn (system only) allows you to personally select a flower, small tree, or other plant variety at your local nursery or garden center; or 2) you can select the Living Urn (voucher included) – this redeemable voucher allows you to choose a small tree through our Denver-based customer service team or online through our website.

The Eco Water Urn for Dogs

Releasing your beloved dog into the waves is therapeutic and memorable for many. Through our Eco Water Urn, you’re enabled to release the ashes into a body of water (whether an ocean, lake, or other aquatic choice) with class and dignity. The sleek engraved bamboo casing is a beautiful conduit for your beloved pet.

The Eco Scattering Urn for Dogs

You may desire to carry or otherwise transport your pet’s ashes to a sentimental or significant location. This might be at the summit of a chosen hiking trail, at a particularly special park, in a specific yard where long, enjoyable afternoons passed, or a wide variety of other locations. Our Eco Scattering Urn offers a stately yet simple transportation system to complete your task.

Fitting all the remains within the container, you can trust the Eco Scattering Urn’s sustainability as you lay your dog to rest in a pristine natural environment.

The EcoHome Urn for Dogs

Many desire for their beloved pets to remain inside their homes. The EcoHome Urn is the perfect option for this wish. Made with handcrafted bamboo, this box-styled urn fits perfectly on shelves, countertops, bookcases, and other desired locations within a home. Additionally, this box has ideal dimensions for burial in a chosen location. With a hand-sewn cotton pouch to hold the ashes inside the urn, you can rest assured that your pet’s ashes are resting securely.

What is included with engraving?

Your pet’s urn will not be barren. It will come engraved with key features that bring you joy and offer a dignified memorial. The bamboo finish with the dark engraving is sleek and comforting, eye-catching and honoring.

In our typical dog urns, we offer four engravement features.

Breed Specific Engraving

We offer a wide selection of dog breeds for which we have a readily prepared portrait to be engraved on your urn. With over eleven breeds to select from, we also offer additional options if your four-legged friend is not covered within this variety.

Name of your Dog

Each of our urns has a customizable name field engraved directly beneath the dog’s portrait. Centered beneath the art, you can include a first name, nickname, or full name.

Dates of Your Dog’s Life

Underneath the portrait and the name, you can engrave both the birthdate and the passing date. With the numerical month, day, and year, this offers an easy-to-read commemoration.


You can choose to add a particularly special sentiment onto the urn. Common phrases included “forever in our hearts,” “always in our hearts,” “forever remember, “we love you,” and more.

What dog breeds are offered?

On these quality eco-friendly urns, you get to select which portrait best resembles your four legged family member. These portraits, which are engraved directly into the urn or its casing, commemorate their memory with beauty and dignity.

You can choose from over ten breed options.

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